Septic Tank Pumping Durham

Durham Septic Services will take care of all your septic tank pumping needs! Give the experts a call for your next septic tank cleaning. Along with inspections, the EPA recommends that every household has their septic tanks cleaned and pumped every 3-5 years. It is absolutely imperative to keep your septic system cleaned and maintained. Over time, the grime and sludge disposed in your septic system will build up. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, the built up sludge and grime will result in a major system backup. At the Durham Septic Services, we are hearing to address your septic tank pumping needs.

How do I know if my system is backed up?

There are multiple different ways to determine if your septic tank system needs pumping. Without a consistent cleaning, your septic tank system can result in major repair needs as well as leave a severe impact on the environment. A backed up septic system will manifest itself in several different ways:

  • A strong sewage smell in the yard.
  • A swampy area over the drain field location.
  • Healthier vegetation located over the drain field.
  • Waste backup inside the home.
  • Lowest drainage points in the home drain at a slower rate.

Don’t allow a simple fix cause a major problem for you and your home. Keeping your septic tank pumped and cleaned will help prevent your home from experiencing major plumbing issues. In addition to potential major costs with your plumbing, a backed up septic tank contains harmful bacteria than can be hazardous to the health of those in your home. Don’t delay, give us a call and schedule your next septic tank cleaning today!