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Did you know that more than 21 million homes in the United States use a septic system for their waste water removal? The South is the second most common region for homes with septic tanks. Fortunately, with such a large need for quality septic services, the Durham Septic Services team is trained and ready to help you with all of your septic system needs.

If you are located in the Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill area, the team at the Durham Septic Services are available, 24/7 to address any issue with your septic system. We specialize in both commercial and residential properties. With many years of experience in the septic tank industry, you can always rely upon us to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

Septic Tanks Services:

Septic Tank Inspections

Whether you are moving into a new home that has a septic tank or you just need your current septic tank inspected, we are here to help. Our team takes great care in making sure that your current septic system is in complete working order. We have all the tools and equipment to do a complete and thorough inspection.

Septic Tank Pumping

The EPA recommends that you have your septic system inspected and pumped every 3 to 5 years. It is imperative to keep your tank clean and empty in order to avoid a system backup. When you call us to come and inspect and pump your septic systems, we check for any leaks and cracks that may have formed over time. In addition, we will examine the layers of scum and sludges that have accumulated over the years. We promise to do a complete and thorough job in all of our inspections.

Septic Tank Installations

If you are thinking about moving into a new home that needs a new septic tank or perhaps you are thinking about building a home that needs a septic system installed, we are here to help. In addition to our inspection services, our team will completely install a new septic system for your new home or commercial property. If you are looking at property to build a home, be sure to contact us first so that we can see if the property is suitable for a septic system.

Septic Tank Repairs

In addition to our inspection and cleaning services, our team will make any necessary repairs to your septic systems. From tank repairs to the drain field, the team at Durham Septic Services is here to make sure that your septic needs are well maintained. Don’t let your septic tank problems become your problem. Give us a call and let us take that burden off of you.

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