Septic Tank Inspection Durham

Durham Septic Services will take care of all your septic tank inspection needs! Give the experts a call for your next septic tank inspection. The EPA suggests that the average household should have their septic tank inspected every 3-5 years. When we inspect your septic tank, either at your current home or at your prospective new home, we take special care in observing the overall structural integrity of your entire septic system.

A two-step process…

Our inspection process consists of a visual inspection as well as a full tank inspection. The visual inspection involves flushing all of the toilets as well as running the water in your house in order to determine if there are any leaks. One of our professionals will walk around your yard to make sure that the drain field is disposing waste water properly.

The full tank inspection involves one of our professionals removing the access hatch of your septic tank and thoroughly examining the inside of the tank to determine if there are any cracks and leaks. From that point, the professional will measure the amount of waste inside your tank to determine if a cleaning is required in order to maintain efficiency. In addition to our inspection, one of our professionals will offer advice on disposal items in order to avoid major complications.

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